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John Cage

"Roberto Paci Dalò’s concert at the Experimental Intermedia (NYC) was a surprise and a pleasure for me. His attention to details is exactly what we need right now. The concert was a wonderful example in the nuances intonation and in the representation of the clarinet as a solo instrument and in the joining of music to words”
Robert Ashley

Roberto Paci Dalò focuses his work on sound and design expanding them in sculpture, installation, music, movies, theater and collaborative projects

Italian born artist Roberto Paci Dalò studied Visual Arts and Music in Ravenna and Fiesole and was awarded the Berlin DAAD Fellowship (1993). His work (as an artist, filmmaker, theatre director, musician/composer) has won him international admiration from amongst others, John Cage and Aleksandr Sokurov.

Artistic Director of Giardini Pensili, performing arts company & media lab co-founded in 1985.
An ensemble based on the collaboration among artists, technicians, theoreticians.
Since 2006 co-founder and director of Velvet Factory - space for the arts (Rimini, Italy).

A pioneer in the use of digital technologies and telecommunication systems in art, particularly interested in performing arts as a meeting point of languages, he wrote, composed and directed since 1985 over 30 border-breaking music-theatre works presented worldwide. He composed music for acoustical ensembles, electronics, voices and a large number of innovative hörspiele and radioworks produced by the main European broadcasting corporations. Parallel to his musical work there is a body of films & videos regularly presented in international festivals. His dramaturgical materials are frequently re-composed in sound and video installations – often site specific and interactive – presented in museums, galleries, and the public space.

He taught Media Dramaturgy at the University of Siena and collaborates with a number of institutions and research centres including University of Bologna, Domus Academy Milan, Brera Fine Arts Academy Milan, Ascoli Piceno and Rome universities, where he develops projects between technology, art and urban space in collaboration with designers, architects, city planners, artists, programmers, theoreticians and hackers.

"...if the new multimedia is going anywhere at all, Paci Dalò's "Animalie" is leading the way, a truly great show!!!!"
Alvin Curran

Artist-in-residence at Djerassi Foundation (San Francisco), STEIM (Amsterdam), Ars Electronica FutureLab (Linz), Montévidéo and GMEM (Marseille), La Bellone (Bruxelles), Western Front (Vancouver).

His productions have been seen by publics in Europe, Americas, Russia, Middle-East (i.e. Wien Modern, Budapest Autumn Festival, Musikprotokoll im Steirischer Herbst, Hebbel-Theater, Inventionen Berlin, Ars Electronica Linz, D!sturbances Copenhagen, Spieltheater Munich, Intermedium 2 ZKM Karlsruhe, Western Front Vancouver, Experimental Intermedia New York City, Le tribù dell'arte Rome, Sonambiente Berlin, Museum Moderner Kunst Vienna, Fundaciò Joan Mirò Barcelona, Budapest Autumn Festival, Scopetone and SKIF St. Petersburg, MaerzMusik/Berliner Festspiele, Musica Strasbourg, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Vienna Opera House).

Roberto Paci Dalò’s work has a position all of its own in the international performing arts and media landscape. His work is not easily situated in a particular genre of well-defined movement. He has developed an authentic multi-layered language out of his background in sound and visual arts, which combines the spoken language with body and architecture. The use of new technologies in combination with an analysis on classical tragic drama, makes his productions particularly innovative in the way he combines on stage classicity and modernity.

As performer he developed extended tecniques on the clarinet and with electronics and sampler. He performed hundreds concerts ranging from solo to electro-acoustical ensembles and many improvised music projects in collaboration with other artists. He craeted in 1987 in Jerusalem the RPD Klezmer Orchestra: first Italian ensemble devoted to the presentation of instrumental Jewish music (klezmer) with a special attention for the Hasidic repertoire. His interest in traditional cultures brought him into explorations and field researches through the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Balcans and the North West European islands.

"I enjoyed your music very much and wish you great success in your future projects. With best regards and much respect".
John Zorn

His music has been performed worldwide by the most outstanding musicians i.e. David Moss, Kronos Quartet, Philip Jeck, Rupert Huber, Scanner, Esti Kenan-Ofri, Sainkho Namtchylak, Gerfried Stocker, Giancarlo Cardini, Stefano Scodanibbio, Tenores di Bitti, Gordon Monahan, Joelle Leandre, Roberto Lucanero.
Other collaborations include musicians Fred Frith, Tom Cora, Peter Courtemanche, Terry Riley -- artists Kurt Hantschläger (Granular Synthesis), Salvo Cuccia, Richard Long, Tullio Brunone, Patrizio Esposito, Oreste Zevola, Maurizio Cattelan, Robert Adrian X -- writers Yehuda Amichai, Samih a-Qasim, Predrag Matvejevic', Gabriele Frasca, Giorgio Agamben; dancer Caterina Sagna. He directed actors like Nicoletta Fabbri, Anna Bonaiuto, Sandro Lombardi, Rita Maffei, Fabiano Fantini, Marcello Sambati, Heiko Senst, and the economist Pier Luigi Sacco a.o.

He has been working on texts by Walter Benjamin, Ingeborg Bachmann, Samuel Beckett, Euripides, Gabriele Frasca, Antonio Gramsci, Giacomo Leopardi, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Heiner Müller, Alexandra Petrova, Colette Tron, Tommaso Ottonieri.
People like John Cage, Robert Ashley, Filiberto Menna, Giuseppe Bartolucci, Gabriele Frasca, Giya Kancheli had written about him.

Among his creations: Sentieri Segreti (Reggio Emilia 1985), Niemandsland (Innsbruck 1992), La natura ama nascondersi (Museum Moderner Kunst Vienna/Tiroler Landesmuseum Innsbruck 1992), Nodas (Vienna Opera House 1993, performed by Kronos Quartet), Realtime (Austria 1993, Prix Ars Electronica Interaktive Kunst 1994), La lunga notte (1993, award EBU/UER), Lost Memories (Graz 1994, official selection Prix Futura), Napoli (Nantes 1994, official selection Prix Italia), Many Many Voices (Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlino 1995), Auroras (Inventionen, Berlin 1994), The Wonderful Spring (Musik Triennale, Köln), Architettura della separazione (Ars Electronica Linz 1997), Fuori Luogo (commissioned by SFB Sender Freies Berlin for the Prix Europa 98 opening), Nishmat Hashmal (Teatro Stabile di Parma 1998), Cieli altissimi retrocedenti (Palermo 1998), Il Cartografo (Mittelfest, Cividale del Friuli 1999), Sirene (Palermo di scena 2000), Shir (Montebuono 2000), Metamorfosi (Rome 2001), Animalie (Athens 2002), Transfert (Musikprotokoll / Wien Modern 2002), Stelle della sera (Longiano 2003), Beck/ett (Napoli 2003), Local & Long Distance (Vancouver 2003), Petroléo/México (Bienal de la radio, Mexico City 2004), La linea rossa (Re-inventing radio, Vienna 2004), Italia anno zero (in collaboration with Olga Neuwirth, Budapest Autumn Festival 2004 and Wien Modern, MaerzMusik Berlin, Musica Strasbourg, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival), Stelle della sera (Rimini 2005), Qual è la parola - the poems by Samuel Beckett (Scandicci / Firenze 2006), Organo laico organo magico (Reggio Emilia 2006), Cenere (Monfalcone 2006).

An authentic radio & techno wizard he works on radical expansions of radio language(s) especially through his 15 years collaboration with ORF Kunstradio. Among his on-site/on-air/on-line projects: La Natura Ama Nascondersi (Kunstradio 1992), Napoli (Nantes 1994, official selection Prix Italia), La lunga notte (1993, award EBU/UER), Lost Memories (Graz 1994, official selection Prix Futura), Many Many Voices (Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlino 1995, CD Edel Records / Akademie der Künste Berlin), Fuori Luogo (commissioned by SFB Sender Freies Berlin for the Prix Europa 98 opening), OZ (SFB / Sonambiente 1996),

Paci Dalò is collecting soundscapes since the beginning of the 80's. His interest in urban spaces brought him to the creation of a corpus of sound and visual work based on this research. Some of this activity is documented on-line in the permanent website (since 1998) created in collaboration with the Ars Electronica Center (Linz). The site is conceived as an open net space devoted to urban explorations and interventions. His urban explorations are a fundamental aspect in his work.

He develops interfaces and software/hardware in different research centres & foundations. Areas of work: robotics, cybernetics, man-machine interaction, psychoacoustics, realtime video and sound processing.
In 1993 he “invented” the Publiphono. An astonishing project – based on the public adress system of the Rimini beach – used to created environmental audio performance along 20 km of the coast. Several artists were commissioned to produce pieces for it.
He was awarded the Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction for Interactive Arts in 1994 and 1999.

As curator, he created in 1990 the non-profit organization Amici della Musica Rimini. Between 1991 and 1998 he created and curated in Rimini the International radio + art festival LADA L’Arte dell'Ascolto. In the frame of the festival several projects were created and some of them are still reference for today's art & technology's activities. He brought to Rimini such artists as Heiner Goebbels, Ensemble Modern, Llorenç Barber, Soldier String Quartet, Scanner, David Moss, Rupert Huber (Tosca), Sam Auinger, Hannes Strobl, Tibor Szemzo a.o.
Since 1990 curator and co-ordinator of international projects based on telecommunication systems and the Internet as working places (i.e. trustee of the Mediterranean network of Horizontal Radio, Ars Electronica 1995; Rivers & Bridges).
In 1994 creation the Giardini Pensili Web Site (
In 1995 creation of Radio Lada - web art radio. (
Between 1999 and 2001 curator of Itaca - the electronic stage of the Teatro di Roma - working together with Mario Martone.
Co-curator of the project Aria-Net (Marseille, Lisbon, Rimini, Vienna).
In 2000 he curated — invited by RAI — part of the Radio and Internet programme within the Prix Italia (Bologna-Rimini).
In 2004 he created the label LADA L’Arte dell’Ascolto devoted to electronics, spoken words, soundscape and urban explorations. First CD released is In Two Worlds. (

Discography (selected list)
Napoli (1994), Many Many Voices (1995), Horizontal Radio (1994), Sumi (2000), Ozio (2000), In Two Worlds (2004), Pneuma (2005), AVN+RPD (2005), Sparks (2007), The Maya Effect (2011).

Paci Dalò's galleries and museums' work is represented by Galerie Mario Mazzoli Berlin.

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Roberto Paci Dalò
T +39 05 41 75 93 16
T +39 34 82 93 02 62

Giardini Pensili
via S. Aquilina 23

47900 Rimini / Italy

Full list collaborations.

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