Curriculum vitae of
Prof. Boghos Levon Zekiyan

Born: Istanbul, 1943
Education: Mekhitarist "Dprevank" (Seminary) of San Lazzaro in Venice (1955-59); Higher
Education: Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Rome, Master in Philosphy (1962), and in Theology (1966);
Specialization: ibid., Oriental Theology and Spirituality (1966-1968)
PhD: "The Principle of Interiority in St. Augustine's Theory of Knowledge and the self-knowledge of the knowing subject",
State University of Istanbul, 1973
High school teaching: Mekhitarian and Getronagan High Schools (Istanbul, 1971-1974), Liceo Italiano di Istanbul (1971-1972),
Moorat-Raphael College (Venice, 1974-85)
University teaching: Chair of Armenian Language and Literature at the University of Venice (1976-),
Chair of Armenian Church Institutions at the Pontifical Institute of Oriental Studies, Rome (1988-); Invited lecturer at the
Istituto Ecumenico San Bernardino, Venice, (1996-)
Visiting Professor: American Armenian International College of the University of La Verne, CA, (1988/89 - 1991/92)
Principal: Moorat-Raphael College (1982-85)
Scientific-administrative responsabilites: Secretary of the Armenian Academy of the Mekhitarist Fathers at
San Lazzaro in Venice (1974-81), Collaborator of the "Centro di Studi e di Documentazione della Cultura Armena"
(Milano, 1976-90), Committee Member of AIEA (Association Internationale des Études Arméniennes, 1982-89, 1997-)
Assistant Editor: Bazmavep ("Revue d'Études Arméniennes", 1974-79)
Editor: Hye Endanik (Periodical, 1974-82); Bazmavep (1980-1985); 10 volumes among which the
Proceedings of the 1st (ed. 1978) and the 5th (ed. 1992) International Symposia on Armenian Art
Chief Organizer: "Giornate di Studio: Gli Armeni nella cultura italiana" (1982, 1983, 1984, 1986); 5th International Symposium
on Armenian Art (1988)
Scientific coordinator: Exhibition "The Armenians in Italy" (1990)
Founder and Director: Summer Intensive Course of the Armenian Language and Culture organized by the
Moorat-Raphael College (1984-1986);
Summer Intensive Course of the Armenian Language and Culture at the University of Venice (1986-)
Founder (one of the four founders) and President: Associazione "Padus-Araxes"
Founder (one of the four founders) and Vice-President: Associazione "Italiarmenia" (1991-97),
member of the Directory Board: (1997-)
Monographs: 10; Scientific papers: 109; entries in Encyclopaedias: 32
Conferences taken part in: 119; to 109 of these with a paper, in: Argentine, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Danmark, France,
Germany, Greece, Holand, Italy, USA
Lectures given: 260, in: Argentine, Armenia, Austria, Brasil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Holand, Israel, Italy,
Lebanon, Switzerland, Syria, Turkey, USA; Courses and seminars: 23
Languages: Armenian (old, modern), Italian, French, English, German, Turkish, Russian and Modern Greek (both elementary),
Georgian (initial), Latin, Old Greek, Biblical Hebrew (element.).
Acknowledgements: Corresponding member of the "Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti (1992);
Member at abroad of the National Academy of Sciences of the Armenian Republic (1994);
Honorary Professor of the "Hrachia Ajarian" free University of Yerevan, Armenia (1994)
Prof. Zekiyan figures in the 9th and following editions of Marquis Who's Who in the World