ROBERTO PACI DALÒ (Rimini, 1962).
Director, Composer, Musician.
In 1993 recipient of the DAAD Stipendium in Berlin where he has been living for longtime.
He studied Music and Visual Arts in Fiesole and Ravenna.
In 1985 he co-founded in Italy the performing arts company and media lab Giardini Pensili. An ensemble based on the collaboration among artists, technicians, theoreticians dealing with background areas such as Visual Arts, Music, Literature, Philosophy, Digital Technologies.
Keywords: Robotics, Cybernetics, Psichoacoustics, Realtime Video and Sound Processing, Memory, Perception, Language, Soundscape.
Since 1997 he is professor of Media Dramaturgy at the Communication Sciences Department of the University of Siena. The course is based on his own stage and media work.

Paci Dalò's productions have been seen by publics in Europe (in particular in Italy, Germany, Austria), North and South America, Middle-East (i.e. Berlin, New York, Bahia, Jerusalem, Bruxelles, Antwerpen, Munich, Cologne, Vienna, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Polverigi, Santarcangelo, Amsterdam, Budapest, Madrid, Barcelona, CopenhagenŠ)

Roberto Paci Dalò's work has a position all of its own in the international art and media landscapes. His work is not easily situated in a particular genre of well-defined movement. He has developed an authentic theatrical language out of his background in sound and visual arts, which combines the spoken language with body and architectonical elements. The use of new technologies in combination with an analysis on classical tragic drama, makes his productions particularly innovative in the way he combines classicity and modernity.

He directed actors like: Sandro Lombardi, Anna Boniauto, Rita Maffei, Marcello Sambati, Heiko Senst, Fabiano Fantini and his music has been performed by overstanding musicians like: David Moss, Kronos Quartet, Stefano Scodanibbio, Rupert Huber (Tosca), Hannes Strobl (Paloma), Roberto Lucanero, Jean-Marc Montera.
He also established collaborations with people like: Scanner, Salvo Cuccia, Han Bennink, Tullio Brunone, Yehuda Amichai, Samih a-Qasim, Predrag Matvejevic', Gabriele Frasca, Patrizio Esposito, Maurizio Cattelan, Caterina and Carlotta Sagna, Gerfried Stocker, Hort Hörtner.
He's actually working closely with writer and poet Gabriele Frasca and musician David Moss.

Concurrent with his theatre and music/sound work is Roberto Paci Dalò's completion of several video works mostly based on a realtime praxis in performance. Since the middle of the 80's he composes and directs his own radio works produced by the main broadcasting houses and dealing with texts by
Isabella Bordoni, Ingeborg Bachmann, Walter Benjamin, Giorgio Agamben, Marcello Sambati.

His dramaturgical materials are often re-organised in large scale interactive sound and video installations presented across Europe also in urban public spaces.
His galleries and museums activity is represented by E-M Arts / Studio Morra (Naples).

People like John Cage, Robert Ashley, Filiberto Menna, Giuseppe Bartolucci, Arthur and Marilouise Kroker,Giya Kancheli, a.o. had written about him.
He has been artist-in-residence at the Djerassi Foundation, San Francisco, CA. He develops interfaces and software/hardware in residences in Linz (Ars Electronica FutureLab) and Amsterdam (STEIM).

Among his creations: Sentieri Segreti (Reggio Emilia 1985), Niemandsland (Innsbruck 1992), Nodas (Wiener Staatsoper 1993, premiered by the Kronos Quartet), Realtime (Austria 1993, Preis Ars Electronica 1994), La lunga notte radio concert (1993, award EBU European Broadcasting Union), Lost Memories (official selection Prix Futura 1994), Auroras (Hebbel-Theater/Inventionen '94, Berlin), Napoli (Nantes 1994, official selection Prix Italia), L'uomo meccanico (Phonurgia Nova, Arles 1995), Many Many Voices (Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin 1995), Affreschi (Pesaro 1999), Shir (Montebuono 2000), Sirene (Palermo 2000),

In 1995 Paci Dalò created the Giardini Pensili Web Site ( which quickly became a reference for art explorations based on network technologies.
1991-1997 he has been artistic director of LADA / L¹Arte dell¹Ascolto, international media & radio festival (Rimini).
1999-2001 curator of Itaca: the Electronic Stage of the Teatro di Roma in collaboration with Mario Martone.
Since 2000 collaboration with Domus Academy Milan.