Camera Obscura
by Roberto Paci Dalò

with Anna Bonaiuto

CAMERA OBSCURA is based on the multimedia performance 'Metamorfosi' created by Roberto Paci Dalò, starring Anna Bonaiuto and presented in Rome at the Palazzo della civiltà italiana (EUR) in February 2001.

The image of the building - created during the Fascism - is strongly connected in our memory with the methaphysical work of such artist as Giorgio De Chirico. An elaborated video and sound dispositive has been created through digital technologies having at the central point the particular architecture of the place and its history.

In the performance, Anna Bonaiuto's mouvements are captured by videocameras and through interactive softwares is possibile a realtime editing of the image which is screened live on large size projections all around the public.
At the same time pre-produced materials are used and mixed live bringing the public to different parts of the building, exploring in a dramaturgical way this very peculiar space. Doing so, the protagonist acts not only in different parts of the building at the same time, but also in different times making a counterpoint with her own images. Her acting is visible inside and outside the building creating a large scale set. A true live cinema.

Texts come from Euripides' Bacchae (in Italian and the original ancient Greek) and by writer Gabriele Frasca.
The sound - mainly electronic - is distributed through a multi-channel environment which surrounds the public.
Other sounds are from the archives of the Discoteca di Stato: the acoustical memory of Italy.
The work on sound is meant to bring the public to experience the invisible image of the building.