Super Bock Super Rock one of the leading music Festivals in Portugal, has this year it's 6th edition. Promoter Música no Coração following the example of events such as ³In The City² (UK) or ³South by Southwest² (USA) decided two years ago to complement the Festival with the Super Bock Super Rock Seminars an event that became one of the most acclaimed cultural happenings in the Portuguese musical scene.

In the last two editions we had the pleasure of having with us 5 personalities from different countries: Mr. Kodwo Eshung (GB - regular contributor of Arena and Wire), Mr. Heinz Reich (Austria-producer ORF-FM4), Zico Gois (MTV Brasil ­ program director), Mr. Martin Goldschmidt (GB ­ Cooking Vinyl, AIM), Mr. Christopher North (British Radio Academy) and Mr. Xavier Lorbada (Sol Music ­ Spain) who spoke about Press, Radio, Internet, TV and Industry issues.

Keeping in mind the huge success of the format, this year the Festival will also be scheduled in several venues of different capacities and characteristics, filling both Lisbon and Oporto with music from the 26th February to the 25nd March.

This edition of "Super Bock Super Rock Seminar¹ 2001" will approach topics such as business, culture, creativity and mass-media in Y2K, the panels will be held in the small auditoriums of the music retail chain FNAC in both cities. In terms of media coverage, all panels will be covered daily by one of the most popular newspapers Diário de Noticías and excerpts from the presentations and debate will be broadcasted daily by Rádio Comercial (national share leader radio station) and Antena3 (state owned youth national channel).
The Internet coverage will be provided by Netparque (

All panels will be recorded in order to produce a limited edition CD to offer to University Libraries.

Roberto Paci Dalò
1. "Sampler ­ Sounds of the New Millenium"
Oporto, 5/3/2001

2. "Sampler ­ Sounds of the New Millenium"
Lisbon, 6/3/2001

3. "Radio ­ Listening with your ears"
Lisbon, 9/3/2001

Ana Ferrão / António Sérgio