Olga Neuwirth & Roberto Paci Dalò
Gramsci, Leopardi, Pasolini


































Olga Neuwirth
Born 1968. Olga Neuwirth studied composition in Vienna with Erich Urbanner, graduating with a thesis on film music in a film by Resnais * Continued her studies in San Francisco where she met Adriana Hölszky, Tristan Murail and Luigi Nono who were to become important influences on her own music * In 1998, two concerts of the 'Next Generation' series at the Salzburg festival featured her work * 2002 composer-in-residence at the Lucerne Festival * Her music shows an amazing variety of sound patterns which lead the listener into a labyrinth of constant metamorphosis * Deconstructs language and other everyday sounds in order to find new, musical contexts for familiar acoustical elements
Works by Olga Neuwirth include: Locus...doublure...solus (2001) for piano and ensemble or piano and orchestra, ecstaloop (2001) for soprano, speaker, ensemble and sampler, torsion: transparent variation (2001) for solo bassoon and ensemble, Verfremdung/Entfremdung (2002) for flute, piano and tape. Looking Ahead: world premiere of Marsyas for solo piano at ruhrTriennale festival (24 July); features at Musica Strasbourg and Wien Modern including new Suite from Lost Highway (Oct); new orchestral work Zefiro aleggia...nell'infinito... for Venice Biennale (Oct); tour of new collaborative work "...ce qui arrive..." with Paul Auster and Ensemble Modern to Graz, Vienna, Cologne and Paris.
"Olga Neuwirth loves a changeable, amorphous sound - a sound whose inner and outer forms are
constantly moving" — Stefan Drees

Roberto Paci Dalò

Born 1962. Paci Dalò studied music and visual arts in Italy he lived longtime in Berlin as recipient of the DAAD Fellowship. Composer & performer, director & artist, since 1985 founder and director of the performing arts company Giardini Pensili. He wrote, composed and directed about 20 theatre and music-theatre works presented in major festivals and venues (Wien Modern, Musikprotokoll im Steirischer Herbst, Hebbel-Theater, Inventionen Berlin, Ars Electronica Linz, D!sturbances Copenhagen, Spieltheater Munich, Intermedium 2 ZKM Karlsruhe a.o.). Parallel to his music and stage work, is the creation of a large number of innovative hörspiele & radioworks and film / video works presented in international festivals. His installations are presented in Europe and Americas in museums, galleries, and public spaces. Between 1997 and 2001 Paci Dalò worked as a professor at the University of Siena (Italy) teaching Media Dramaturgy. Since 1991 founder and director of LADA L'Arte dell'Ascolto, the international radio + art festival & label. Between 1999 and 2001 curator of Itaca - the electronic stage of the Teatro di Roma - in collaboration with Mario Martone. Recent collaborations include Olga Neuwirth, Kronos Quartet, David Moss, Scanner, Terry Riley, Philip Jeck, Predrag Matvejevic', Peter Courtemanche, Giorgio Agamben, Natalie Cristiani. Projects 2004 include: "Animalie" music-theatre work after texts by philosopher Giorgio Agamben; "Dust" film, official selection Locarno film festival.
Roberto Paci Dalò’s concert at the Experimental Intermedia (NYC) was a surprise and a pleasure for me. His attention to details is exactly what we need right now. The concert was a wonderful example in the nuances intonation and in the representation of the clarinet as a solo instrument and in the joining of music to words” Robert Ashley

Donna Molinari
Clarinetist. Donna Wagner Molinari was born in the USA and received a Bachelor‘s of Music from Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland and her artist diploma in Vienna where she has resided since 1979. Donna Molinari has performed as soloist and chamber musician in the musical centers of Europe, Asia, Australian and the USA. Television and radio productions and numerous CD recordings, also featuring her own compositions, followed. One of her greatest interests is improvisation and interpreting contemporary music. She has been a member of Klangforum Wien (Austria‘s well-known ensemble for contemporary music) since 1989.

Ernesto Molinari
Clarinetist. Born in Lugano in 1956, studied clarinet at the Basel Music Academy and bass clarinet at the Amsterdam Conservatory. His performance in numerous concerts as chamber musician and soloist brought him to the most important festivals across Europe (Festival d'Automne Paris, Salzburger Festspiele, Brucknesrfestival, IMF Luzern, Huddersfield Festiva, Szombathely, Witten, Vienna, etc.). Apart from the interpretation of classical, romantic and contemporary repertoires, he also works with jazz and improvisation. He premiered numerous works composed especially for him. Ernesto Molinari has been living in Vienna since 1994 and is a member of Klangforum Wien.

Burkhard Stangl

Composer/performer. born 1960, studies: classical guitar, later mostly electric guitar; cultural anthropology, musicology (thesis about the effects of the phonograph on cultural anthropology); founder of the advanced jazz-ensemble Ton.Art (1985-1995) and the new music chamber ensemble Maxixe (1991), solo-works. Performed and recorded with Sam Bennett, John Butcher, Tom Cora, Thomas Chapin, Eugene Chadbourne, Tony Coe, Gene Coleman, Werner Dafeldecker, Dieb 13, Kevin Drumm, Oswald Egger, Seppo Gruendler, Boris Hauf, Franz Hautzinger, Franz Koglmann, Christof Kurzmann, Steve Lacy, Radu Malfatti, Walter Malli, Ernesto Molinari, Donna Wagner-Molinari, Michael Moser, Max Nagl, Sainkho Namtchylak, Helmut Neugebauer, Olga Neuwirth, Josef Novotny, Polwechsel, Ned Rothenberg, Jim O'Rourke, Gunter Schneider, Martin Siewert, Taku Sugimoto, Tom Varner, Andrew Watts and many others. Compositions for choir, chamber music, orchestra and for Ton.Art, Franz Koglmann`s Monoblue Quartet, Maxixe, Klangforum Wien etc. Opera-project (Venusmond-Moon of Venus) together with the poet Oswald Egger: it's an opera in several parts, every part takes place in another city. 1st part: New York (Aug. 97), Empire State Building (observatory deck); 2nd part: Kunsthalle Krems/Austria (Nov. 97); 3rd part: Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago (May 2000) [work in progress]

Sandro Lombardi

The entire body of works by Sandro Lombardi is related to the theatrical company he founded in Florence at the beginning of the 70's with Federico Tiezzi and Marion D'Amburgo. Always directed by Tiezzi, Lombardi has interpreted texts by Samuel Beckett, Heiner Müller, Edoardo Sanguineti, Mario Luzi, Giovanni Giudici, Alessandro Manzoni, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Bertolt Brecht, Goffredo Parise, Anton Cechov, Thomas Bernhard. To be remarked the interpretation of texts by Giovanni Testori. Four times recipient of the Premio Ubu (the Italian theatre award) between 1988 and 2002 in the male actor category. He became known for his original way to perform poetry and narrative in his personal and creative journey through authors such as Pascoli, Leopardi, Dante, Petrarca, Campana, Palazzeschi, Pasolini, Tessa, Gadda, Parise, Tolstoj, Proust. among collaborations: Giuseppe Bertolucci, Alighiero Boetti, Giancarlo Cobelli, Nicola De Maria, Roberto Fabbriciani, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Giovanni Frangi, Hanif Kureishi, Alessandro Mendini, Carlo Quartucci, David Riondino, Paolo Rosa, Mario Schifano, Hanna Schygulla .In the musical world Giorgio Ghedini and Galina Ustvolskaya, working - among the others - with: Irvine Arditti, Giorgio Battistelli, Giancarlo Cardini, Azio Corghi, Hans Werner Henze, Michele Lomuto, Giacomo Manzoni, Barbara Maurer, Riccardo Muti, Roberto Paci Dalò, Francesco Pennisi, Salvatore Sciarrino, Ed Spanjard. The Garzanti Publishing House will soon publish his book Gli anni felici, a "narrative essay" where Lombardi tells about his discover of theatre and music.

Natalie Cristiani


Filippo Giunchedi

live video mixing

Oliver Brunbauer
sound director
Born 25.6.1974 in Linz. Lives and works in Vienna. Primaryschool, AHS grad. in Wels Studies at University of Natural Resources 1993-1994. Audio Engineer Diploma at SAE Wien 1995-1997,following Advanced Studio Production course. Since 1999 freelance Studio-/ F.o.h- and Monitor-soundtechnician. Among others working for venues, festivals und studios such as: Feedback Studios Wien, Soundtrack Studio Wien, ATS Records Molln, Music Unlimited Festival, Ars Electronica Linz, Alter Schlachthof Wels, Posthof Linz (1999-2001), Jazzit Salzburg, Hotel Puppik, Wuk, Flex, B72, Blue Tomato, SzeneWien, Austrian Cult.Forum Rome / MICA, Porgy & Bess, Joe Zawinul´s Birdland, Konzerthaus Wien. Among the others for the following artists: Franz Hautzinger, David Tronzo, Ken Vandermark, I-Wolf, Otomo Yosihide, Calexico, Matthew Shipp, Eleni Mandell, Phil Minton/4walls, Hannes Loeschl, Tortoise, Wolfgang Mitterer, Max Nagl, Trio Exclusiv, Peter Broetzmann, Hamid Drake, Han Bennink, Satoko Fujii quartet, Mats Gustafson, Christian Fennesz, John Cale, The Ex, Misha Menglberg, ICP Orchestra, Lali Puna, Kurt Ostbahn, Mika, Red Snapper, bulbul (italy tour 2004),Spaceways Inc., Joe Mcphee, Paul Lovens, Omara Portuondo, Lambchop. Recent projects: Bulbul Cd Produktion (Mego), Trio Exclusiv recording Sessions @ Feedback Studios (Collaboration with Patrick Pulsinger for Universal Music).

Peter Knögler
technical director / light mixing board

Gabriele Frasca
artistical collaboration

Francesco Bocchini

props collaboration
Artist and sculptor, he works in Gatteo (Romagna) and Rome. Main solo shows include: Anima patata (Galleria L’affiche, Milano 1999) and I primi asini pensavano per conto proprio Galleria de’ Foscherari (Bologna 2003). Collaborations and set design creations with the theatre companies: Teatro Valdoca, Accademia Perduta, Deicalcioteatro, and Giardini Pensili in Italy; Teatro Rio Rose and Bjorn Theatre in Denmark.

Caroline Michel
Elle a suivi une formation de comédienne au conservatoire d'art dramatique de Montpellier puis à la classe supérieure d'art dramatique de Paris. Elle a travaillé plusieurs années avec la compagnie Christian Benedetti au Théâtre Studio d'Alfortville, puis avec la Compagnie du Labyrinthe dirigée par Serge Sandòr, avec le metteur en scène lithuanien Eimuntas Nekrosius, et récemment avec Stefano Fogher pour le Festival Premiers Pas de la Cartoucherie de Vincennes. Elle a également participé à des laboratoires de recherches ou des petites formes avec Redjep Mitrovitsa, Sophie Loucachewski, Fadhel Jaïbi, Philippe Minyana, Christian Rist, Frédéric Bélier-Garcia, Laurent Fréchuret. Elle a participé à différentes lectures de théâtre contemporain pour le Thécif. Elle travaille actuellement à Limoges avec la Compagnie du Désordre.
Elle est par ailleurs diplômée en langue et civilisation italienne et spécialisée dans la traduction de théâtre contemporain italien. Elle a traduit Orgia et Calderon de P.P.Pasolini pour les metteurs en scène Jean Lambert-wild et Laurent Fréchuret. Ses traductions sont publiées aux éditions Les Solitaires Intempestifs et à l'Arche. (Contre la Télévision de P.P.Pasolini, P.P.Pasolini Théâtre 1938-1965, Tombeau de chiens de Letizia Russo). Elle travaille actuellement en collaboration avec la Maison Antoine Vitez de Montpellier.

Stefano Cerulli

miniature stage model

Pietro Lassandro

film editor

Marco Tani
cinematography and camera

Nicola Vicenti

cinematography and camera