by Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò

> A different conception into performing arts and interaction worlds. Where both text and 'corpografie' (bodygraphies) are performed by the same interpreter. Her mouvements captured by a videocamera and triggered through STEIM's interactive softwares allowing a realtime editing totally based on the live performance. This means no pre-produced images. Just living materials created through the performance.

> Sound and music is also live, developing innovative electronica where a study has been made into frequences world. Playing around with low sounds and the acoustic of the space. Euripides' Bacchae is token and scanned as source material. The Greek text is sampled and performed live through electronics.

> In between the digital connection approaching the cyberspace space of the data transfer. From stage into computer, from computer on the screen, from the screen back to the performer. A triangle of possibilities.

> Scanning Bacchae has been created by Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò for the Ars Electronica Festival 97 and premiered in a hangar at the Linz docks. The performance is part of a pluriennal investigation between classical tragedy sources and the dramaturgical use of new technologies and interactive softwares/hardwares.

> The presentation of Scanning Bacchae at Baltoscandal 2000 is a special event with the participation of artists from Estonia. They'll work with the Giardini Pensili's team for a period of time before the presentation on June 21, 2000.

Giardini Pensili


by Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò
after Euripides

with Isabella Bordoni, Tunnetusüksus, performers

text Isabella Bordoni, Euripides
live music Roberto Paci Dalò
lighting design Nevio Cavina
live computer Cristiano Chesi
sampled greek voice Urania Zarkali
interactive softwares Tom Demeyer (STEIM, Amsterdam)

production Giardini Pensili Rimini
in collaboration with
Ars Electronica Festival Linz, STEIM Amsterdam, Baltoscandal 2000

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[ photos copyright © Oscar Ferrari ]

Baltoscandal Diary June 17-25, 2000. Day by day new pictures and sounds.

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