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Roberto Paci Dalò (1962) he's the composer of Napoli (ORF 1993, official selection Prix Italia), Lost Memories (Graz ESC, ORF 1994, official selection Prix Futura), Many Many Voices (Haus der Kulturen del Welt Berlin, SFB / ORF / YLE / RNE, 1995), Quattro canti sulla circolarità del tempo (RAI 1989), Segnali radio sulla costa atlantica (ORF 1989), Combattimento tra Marsia e Apollo (SFB 1993, composed with Jon Rose), La lunga notte (1993). His composition Nodas was commissioned and premiered in 1993 by the Kronos Quartet at the Wiener Staatsoper. Co-author of Realtime (Ars Electronica Award 1994). His opera Auroras was produced in Berlin by the Hebbel-Theater and Inventionen '94.

In 1985 he created with Isabella Bordoni GIARDINI PENSILI, Theatre Company & Media Lab. He wrote and directed theatre works which blend in an inusual way tradition and modernity where, similar to the Oriental classical theatres, is always present an equilibrium between text, actor's work, sound & music, image. Among his theatre and media productions:Temporale (1989), Terrae Motvs (1991), Niemandsland (ORF 1992), La Natura Ama Nascondersi (ORF / RAI 1992), Terra di nessuno (1993).

As performer, he works with clarinet, voice, and interactive computer systems. His music goes from chamber ensemble compositions to electro-acoustical, opera, hörspiele, installations, teleconcerts and media-projects. He is also recognised for his solo projects and virtuoso performances on the Clarinet (often involving interactive computer systems and sampler) and the unique "preparation" of the instrument (from 1985: The Well-Tempered Clarinet project).

He's working since the early 80's on Jewish music with a particolar attention for the instrumental repertoire. He's considered among the major klezmer music clarinetists.

In 1987 artist-in-residence at the Djerassi Foundation, San Francisco. Between 1993 and 1995 he was living in Berlin as guest of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD.

Authentic radio wizard he created together with writer Isabella Bordoni many radio works which combine in an unusual way traditional radiodrama, live theatre performance, language explorations, narration & poetry, digital technology & network performances, soundlandscapes, contemporary classical & popular music.
He develops his softwares and hardwares as artist-in-residence at: STEIM (Amsterdam), Ars Electronica FutureLab.

Paci Dalò tours regularly in Europe, North America, Middle East with his theatre works and as soloist and with his ensembles: XENO (members include Roberto Lucanero and Silvia Benvenuti); MESSIANIC SOUNDWARE (with Joel Rubin) and KLEZMER ORCHESTRA (with Guglielmo Pagnozzi, Luigi Mosso, Fabrizio Spera).
A broad spectrum of collaborations include actors Moni Ovadia, Marcello Sambati; philosopher Giorgio Agamben; musicians Sam Auinger, Rupert Huber, Hannes Strobl, E Zezi, Tom Cora, Vinko Globokar, Han Bennink, Fred Frith, Terry Riley, Sainkho Namtchylak, Jon Rose, Carlos Zingaro, Gerfried Stocker, Horst Hörtner, Gordon Monahan; visual artists Oreste Zevola and Tullio Brunone; film director Salvo Cuccia; dancer Caterina Sagna; writer Gabriele Frasca

People like Gyia Kancheli, Robert Ashley, John Cage have written about him.

TRANCE BAKXAI is his project between rave and theatre which became a cult in 1997 with several performances across Italy. The piece is a 7 hours non-stop large scale performance involving musicians, actors, VJ's and it is based on the Bacchae by Euripides.

Paci Dalò is artistic director of 'LADA - L'Arte dell'Ascolto' Med Media & Radio Festival, Rimini. Curator of the Mediterranean Network in the frame of the project Horizontal Radio (ORF, Ars Electronica, Transit,1995).
He is professor at the Siena University where is running ITACA, a permanent project about radio & the Internet.

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