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Rimini's Velvet Rock Club expands with the creation of Velvet Factory: a creation lab and a residence place in a 2500 mq space on Rimini's hills, a few minutes from the sea. From sound to cinema (with a particular attention on documentary, animation and live cinema), passing through performing arts (dance, music, theatre), radio, visual arts, design, architecture, words, philosophy. For a culture of the creative city and the cultural district, mixed media and project culture, dramaturgy, contemporary arts' language and electronics. Time Based Arts.

Velvet's structure becomes then a multidisciplinary space, which allows a daily work, open to both well-known artists and young talented artists. A unique place in Italy which unites a place like Velvet (and its audience) with its history ad public to the most advanced artistical researches and the club culture world.

Velvet Factory is curated by Roberto Paci Dalò, Thomas Balsamini, and Lucia Chiavari with the collaboration of Leonardo Montecchi and the consultation of Pier Luigi Sacco, one of the most renowed worldwide expert about the "creative city" and the cultural district.

Velvet Factory is a place of hospitality created starting from a network of art, science and education structures based in Rimini, with the partnership of the institutions: Associazione Slego, Giardini Pensili (performing arts / art / music / cinema), L'Arte dell'Ascolto (label), Scuola J. Bleger (school of prevention) and Università di Bologna - polo di Rimini. These realities form the project's operative centre which is supported by art groups, indipendend spaces, educative centres, institutions, festival and media. A project in which cultural, artistic, social and educative aspects are linked together. A training place as well.

Velvet Factory wants to be a meeting place for Europe and the Mediterranean, involving artists coming from the cities which overlook this sea, with a particular attention for the other coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Starting from music and sound, Velvet Factory works in particular on those forms of art which have in time their main medium of research and creation. The laboratorium happens in both physical space and electronic space, and through electronics and digital techology innovative works will be created, also in the web. A transreceiving station which produces radio, streaming and colaborative project which mixes different media and places in the world.

Velvet Factory is a place for artists who create works of dance, music and theatre. Living in residencies, the hosted artists are able to use the Factory's technologies to work on their projects, interweaving the spectacle and its multimedia expantions. . A meeting between contemporary arts and pop cultures where the works created will eventually find a presentation to the Velvet's vaste public (on average 12,000 people per month and about 180,000 yearly).

Velvet Factory want to be also a service for the territory, to celebrate the large amount of artists and creators which transit or reside there. Here's how artists coming from any art displine will be able to realize workshops open to the public, meetings, backstages, conversation and create materials in the Factory's labs.

A place which works in a strict collaboration with all the territory's spaces, projects, events, people in order to create a permanent network of common work. A presence which doesn't overlap the existing, but works on the lacking, in order to create further possibilities through the creation of a public and dinamic archive.
A project which look into the city and its spaces, operating an on-going mapping to detect resources and energies. "West Rimini" as cultural district.

It will be asked to the artists to supply unpublished audio-video materials, which will be downloadable from the Velvet Factory website in order to be mixed, distributed, and edited by anyone under a Creative Commons licence.

The website won't be just an informative page of activities, but a real permanent on-line laboratory, with collaborations from many places worldwide and with a particular attention to the "souths" of the world.

The collaboration with the Università di Bologna - polo di Rimini, allows the creation of group of students working permanently on the Factory's project, which would also became a privileged place of presentation of materials created by the university. Meanwhile the students of any university will be able to do a training period within the Velvet Factory. Some of the materials created will be published as an audio CD and/or as a DVD, in collaboration with the label LADA L'Arte dell' Ascoltoo

the heart of the Factory. An audio-video post-production lab where all the materials are created. The "engine room" where artists coming from different disciplines, technicians, curators, producers and public meet

the artists are invited to work in the Velvet Factory on short periods realizing works with the help of the technologies available on site. Artists working in theatre, dance and music will be able to use Velvet's space to arrange their work in a safe place

the electronic space where the Factory's projects are realized, released and distributed, also through the 24/7 streamings

CD, DVD, small paper editions, and multiples published with the partnership of the label
L'Arte dell'Ascolto


artistic direction Roberto Paci Dalò, Thomas Balsamini, Lucia Chiavari
collaboration Leonardo Montecchi
consulting Pier Luigi Sacco
organization and administration Lucia Chiavari
cura Simonetta Belli
networking Ambra Galassi, Beatrice Pizzi
network and video technologies Filippo Giunchedi
technical direction spaces Matteo Chichiarelli
communication Gianluca Lapenta
web design Robert Rebotti / jacklamotta


Anomos, L’arboreto Mondaino, Arci Rimini, Ars Electronica FutureLab Linz, Assalti al cuore, Almafilm, afrolinux.org, Beyond Media - Architecture and Media Festival Florence, Camerastylo, Cartoon Club Rimini, Design Radar, Edizioni Cronopio, Home Movies Bologna, Icarus Ensemble Reggio Emilia, Internationale Heiner Müller Gesellschaft Berlin, Le Guadalupe Volterra, Maffia Reggio Emilia, Movimento Centrale, ORF Kunstradio Vienna, Openlab Company, Palazzo delle Papesse Siena, Radialsystem Berlin, Riminiteatri, Sub Rosa Bruxelles, Terra Gramsci

Fabio Biondi, Simone Bruscia, Marco Bertozzi, Rosanna D’Agostino, Vittorio D'Augusta, Chico De Luigi, Ambra Galassi, Claudio Gasparotto, Filippo Giunchedi, Massimo Modula, Davide Montecchi, Giampaolo Proni, Laura Rastelli

Tatiana Bazzichelli art networker (AHA Project Berlin), Marco Brizzi architect/curator (architettura.it), Carloni-Franceschetti videoartists (Pesaro), Gabriele Frasca writer (Napoli), Heidi Grundmann curator / theoretician (Vienna), Jaromil unix programmer / rastaman (Amsterdam), Dragan Klaic’ (University of Leiden, Amsterdam), Marco Mancuso curator / publisher (Digicult), Robert Rebotti / jacklamotta graphic designer / curator (designradar.it), Paolo Rosa artist (Studio Azzurro, Milan), Luca Ruzza set designer/architect (Open Lab Company, Civitella S. Paolo Roma), Pier Luigi Sacco economist (IUAV Venice / il Sole 24 Ore), Edoardo Sanchi set designer (Bologna), Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud musician / artist (London), Maria X Ph.D. researcher (Goldsmith College University of London), Maurizio Zanardi philosopher (Napoli)

media partner

exibart.com, altremusiche.it, digicult.it, microsuoni.com, radiondanomala.com

Associazione Slego | Giardini Pensili | L'Arte dell'Ascolto | Scuola J. Bleger
Università di Bologna – polo di Rimini

via S. Aquilina 21
47900 Rimini
T +39 05 41 75 61 11
F +39 05 41 75 67 31

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Translated by Ambra Galassi

programme opening September 23, 2006