Messianic Soundware

..........Joel Rubin & Roberto Paci Dalò

Is a new collaboration between American-Jewish clarinetist and klezmer specialist Joel Rubin and Italian avant-garde composer and klezmer clarinetist Roberto Paci Dalò.

Consists of 2 clarinets (doubling on bass clarinet), live interactive computer system, and 8-channel sound environment.

Draws its repertoire from traditional sources: the 'Meron' melodies of Israel - sacred tunes performed and sung year after year at the Lag Ba'omer festivities in Northern Galilee. The pieces are created collaboratively by Joel Rubin and Roberto Paci Dalò, and are partly composed and partly improvised.

Makes use of extended techniques, a prominent aspect of 20th century music, within the context of traditional performance. These spiritual hasidic melodies, researched and collected by Joel Rubin and Roberto Paci Dalò, serve as an ideal springboard for an investigation of the beauty of nuance and the simplicity of sound itself. The same melody may take on a completely new meaning through the use of multiphonics, a change of colour or other properties of sound, using traditional performance practice as a starting point.

Utilizes a interactive computer systems developed by engineers at the STEIM Foundation in Amsterdam. Through various sensors, live and pre-recorded sampled sounds are controlled by the musicians on stage as they perform. Historical recordings from yiddish movies and soundlandscapes are also part of the multichannel computer controlled sound environment.

Drawing on a background in theatre and opera, the visual / lighting design also plays an important role.
Messianic Soundware premiered in Berlin on October 22 1995 at the Institut Unzeit in the season curated by Freunde Guter Musik Berlin.

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