“… The most important thing is that everything works for the music. Music indefinitely simple and beautiful. This is an opera for me! An indefintely simple, beautiful, and serious opera!”
(about “Auroras”, Berlin Hebbel-Theater)
Giya Kancheli

“Roberto Paci Dalò’s concert at the Experimental Intermedia (NYC) was a surprise and a pleasure for me.
His attention to details is exactly what we need right now. The concert was a wonderful example in the nuances intonation and in the representation of the clarinet as a solo instrument and in the joining of music to words”.
Robert Ashley

"I enjoyed your music very much and wish you great success in your future projects. with best regards and much respect"
John Zorn

"…if the new multimedia is going anywhere at all, Paci Dalò’s "Animalie" is leading the way, a truly great show!!!!"
Alvin Curran

"...a hauntingly vivid work..."
Barbara Casavecchia, Frieze Magazine

"...Roberto Paci Dalò creates a powerful composition of swirling sound, at times soothing and then jarring, but always deeply haunting."
Clocktower Radio, NY C

"Ainsi qu’avec Roberto Paci Dalò un jeune compositeur qui signe la très belle musiques"
Jean-Marc Adolphe, l’Humanité

“With these means riduced to the minimum, Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò have produced a very high quality performance, proposing once again the modern myth of the total work of art”
Filiberto Menna, Paese Sera

“Roberto Paci Dalò used this sculpture as percussion material in a combination of songs, which were extraordinary because of the reflection of their echoes among the steel chamber. This was a wonderful example of the effect one artistic endeavor can have upon another”
Carl Djerassi, The Commonwealth

"With his clarinet, Dalò has introduced each of the four songs not according to the rules of a simple accompaniment, but intervening with them as a diligent interlocutor, extraordinary sharing and accomplice."
Giulia Vannoni, Il Ponte

“The surprise of this festival might be the Italian clarinet virtuoso Roberto Paci Dalò who - performing with his trio Xeno - combined Jewish and Mediterranean music with improvisation and minimalistic elements. At the beginning one could still feel the tension and excitement while after the concert one couldn’t stop anymore and together with the original Lucky (“you don’t have to clap, just give me another beer”) from Ulrichsberg he proofed his unending repertoire from working songs such as Avanti popolo until the Internazionale”
Wolf Kampmann, Jazzthezik

“It is as we entry in a sideral space and the sound effects by Roberto Paci Dalò, coming from absolutely original instruments, contribute to make more tangible the first sensation”
Antonella Marrone, l’Unità

“Elle forment des partitions rigoureuses et esthetisée que Roberto Paci Dalò colore avec ses improvisations legerese, sereines et ambientes (…) a vrai dire, une vrai meraville”
osk, De Gentenaar

“A metallic sound of tubular bells proceeds and propagates in the darkness: it is the beginning of this peculiar sound action which will take us from distant horizont outlined by John Cage or Mauricio Kagel to the front of newness (…) this interlacement of sound and word elements is successful”
Enzo Restagno, Stampa Sera

“With the backing of some really wonderful music by Roberto Paci Dalò”
Bernadette Bonis, Ballett International

“Si sono distinti il barbagliante minimal-melodismo di curiosa ispirazione sarda, fuso con acrobatica bravura da Roberto Paci Dalò in Nodas [Kronos Quartet presentation in Milan]
Angelo Foletto, la Repubblica

“A very good choice was Roberto Paci Dalò, a clarinetist from Italy, who added to the play in the ensemble so beautifully Sardinian, Corsica and Yiddish elements”
Werner Urtlauf, Neues Volksblatt


Forlì, Galleria Marcolini, "Kinoglaz"

Venezia, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, "Ye Shanghai" (curated by Monica Bosaro).

Ischia, "Ischiaboscoincantato", site-specific light/objects/sound installation. In collaboration with Toti Semerano.
Pesaro, Sinagoga, Fuorifestival XXX, "Ye Shanghai".
Berlin, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, "Luftkrieg" (text by Julia H. Schroeder).

Berlin, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, "Luftkrieg" (text by Julia H. Schroeder).
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Venezia, Courtyards Museo Archelogico piazza San Marco, "Six Memos".
Fasano (Brindisi), Masseria Art Project, "The Conference of the Birds" and "The Color of Pomegranates", two site-specific permanent installations.

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Napoli, Galleria Hde, “Storie di lupi e lepri” (edition). (curated by Francesca di Transo).
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Bolzano, EURAC, “Scala temporale” (in collaboration with Paolo Rosa / Studio Azzurro), (curated by Annelie Bortolotti).
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Genova, Museo d'arte contemporanea di Villa Croce, “Filmnero” (curated by Ugo Pitozzi).

Copenhagen, Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, “Sound as generative space” (in collaboration with Luca Ruzza).

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Jesenice, Gornjesavski Muzej (SLO), "L'ombra di Jesenice".

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Berlin, Podewil, "Napoli"(curated by Matthias Osterwold).
Vienna, Alte Schmiede, "Napoli".
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Bologna, Galleria Neon, "Roberto Paci Dalò".
Innsbruck, Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, "Niemandsland".

Milano, Galleria Decalage, "Lavori recenti".



Milano, PAC, GLITCH, interferenze tra arte e cinema in Italia (curated by Davide Giannella).

Milano, PAC, GLITCH, interferenze tra arte e cinema in Italia (curated by Davide Giannella).
Rimini, Biennale Disegno. Site-specific permanent installation at Musei comunali.

Göteborg, GIBCA Göteborg International Biennal for Contemporary Art.
Venezia, Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Fuori Rotta (curated by Chiara Bertola and Davide Quadrio, catalogue).

Roma, Auditorium Parco della musica, Forte Piano: Le forme del suono (curated by Achille Bonito Oliva).

Bologna Art First (curated by Julia Drganovic, catalogue).

Modena, Galleria Civica di Modena, Lo spazio del sacro (curated by Marco Pierini, catalogue).

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2014 Il grande bianco (Aperto Festival, Teatro Vall, Reggio Emilia)
2014 Sonic Tailors (Spazio aereo, Venezia - Marghera)
2012 Ye Shanghai (SH Contemporary, Shanghai)
2012 Sefirot (Bologna)
2012 Kol Bpm (Verucchio Festival)
2011 De bello Gallico – Enklave Rimini (Teatro Galli, Rimini)
2011 Black Beauty (various locations in Veneto Region)
2009 Roter Schnee (Milano, Uovo Festival)
2008 L'assedio delle ceneri (Napoli Teatro Festival)
2006 Organo magico organo laico (Reggio Emilia, REC)
2005 Stelle della sera (Rimini)
2005 Italia anno zero (Budapest Autumn Festival, Wien Modern, MärzMusik, a.o.)
2005 Petroleo México (Bienal de la Radio, Mexico City)
2005 Porpora (Comacchio, Spina Festival)
2003 Nodas (Vienna Opera House, Kronos Quartet)
2002 Animalie (Atene)
2001 Metamorfosi (Rome, Palazzo della civiltà italiana)
1999 Il Cartografo (Mittelfest, Cividale del Friuli)
1997 Scanning Bacchae (Linz, Ars Electronica)
1997 TRANCE BAKXAI (Riccione TTV)
1994 Auroras (Berlin, Hebbel-Theater)
1992 Niemandsland (Innsbruck, Tiroler Landesmuseum)

Ye Shanghai (2014)
Japanese Girls at the Harbor (2012)
The Maya Effect (2011)
Alluro (2010)
Sparks (2007)
Pneuma (2005)
AVN+RPD (2005)
Ozio (2000)
In Two Worlds (2004)
Many Many Voices (1995)
Napoli (1994)
Horizontal Radio (1994)

Ye Shanghai (2013)
Fade (2012)
Atlas of Emotion Stream (2009)
Nitschland Napoli (2008)
IMA #3 Heidi Grundmann (2007)
Shadows (2007)
Petróleo México (2005)
Dust (2003)
EMN40 (2002)
Camera Obscura (2001)
RAX (2001)
Blue Stories (2001)


2015 "1915 The Armenian Files" (ORF Kunstradio)
2013 “Ye Shanghai” (ORF Kunstradio)
2009 “Merkur” (ORF Kunstradio)
2008 “L'assedio delle ceneri” (RAI, Napoli Teatro Festival)
2005 “Kol Beck - Living Strings” (WDR Studio Akustiche Kunst)
2004 “Italia anno zero” (ORF Kunstradio)
2004 “Petròleo México” (Bienal da la radio México)
2002 “Devolve into II” (ORF 1, Radio Oesterreich International, Kunstradio, Bayern2Radio/ hr2
/WDR 3/ Oe1/ NordwestRadio/ SR2.
2001 “Blue Stories” (ORF Kunstradio)
2005 “Horizontal Radio” (ORF and worldwide network).
1996 “Shpil” (Phonurgia Nova Arles, Giardini Pensili, RAI Audiobox, San Marino
RTV, Kunsthochschule für Medien Cologne, Kol Israel).
1995 “Many Many Voices” (SFB Sender Freies Berlin, Giardini Pensili, ORF Kunstradio
Vienna, RNE Radio-2 Madrid, YLE Yleisradio Helsinki).
1994 “Lost memories” (Giardini Pensili, ESC Graz, ORF Kunstradio).
1993 “Napoli” (Giardini Pensili, ORF Kunstradio, L'Alfabeto Urbano).
1993 “La lunga notte” (ORF / Kunstradio, RAI / Audiobox) L'Arte dell'Ascolto).
1992 “La natura ama nascondersi” (ORF Kunstradio, Giardini Pensili).
1991 “Combattimento tra Marsia e Apollo”, in collaboration with Jon Rose (SFB Sender Freies Berlin).

Premio Napoli 2015
Berliner Künstlerporgramm des DAAD (Berlin)
Two nominations Interaktive Kunst at Ars Electronica Prize (Linz)
Djerassi Foundation Residency (Woodside, California)







ORF Kunstradio
Album release

New project
Site-specific permanent architectural and sound installation

Ombre (Quodlibet, 2019)
An investigation made out of words and drawings throughout the Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria's collection (Piero della Francesca, Beato Angelico, Pinturicchio, Duccio, and many more).

Sole Nero
azione scenica
da testi di Osip Mandel'stam
Spina, Comacchio

Funkhaus Heiner Müller

live radio performance
Ancona, Rimini

interactive audio-video installation + radio streaming

• Founder & director of Usmaradio radio station and Research Centre for Radiophonic Studies at Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino.
Professor of Exhibit and Interaction Design at San Marino University.

Radio Lada projects and live streamings.

Roberto is the recipient of the Premio Napoli per la lingua e la cultura italiana.

italiano | español

Roberto Paci Dalò - composer and musician (clarinets / live electronics), film maker, theatre director, visual and sound artist, author and radiomaker active for years on the international scene, creates his work starting with sound and drawing, then expanding to sculpture, installation, music, film, performance, and collaborative projects, between institution, the independent scene, and pop culture.

Art, science, and nature are the key words of his oeuvre. A pioneer in the use of Internet and in integrating analogical and digital technologies, his work areas include: radio transmission, telematic networks, persistence of classical tradition in contemporaneity, psychoacoustics , robotics, cybernetics, man-machine interaction, real-time sound-image elaboration, sound cartography., music (from early music to new stuff) on stage, persistence of classical tradition in present time, image and sound relationship, digital culture, interaction, body languages, social design, projects for the public space & site-specific, collaborative & participatory projects. Paci Dalò is active as performer (clarinets / electronics / sampler) also involved in collaborations and improvised music.

In defining his own work Paci Dalò coined the definitions: media dramaturgy and theatre of listening. He frequently creates his works in various fields, further investigating different aspects of perception of the same material. Thus scene and music works often become radio pieces or interactive sound/video installations and online projects.

In addition to customary venues (galleries, museums, theaters . . .), site-specific practices are one of the most important characteristics of his work: experiencing places to transform them, often with the people who live them (including ghosts in ghost towns). Relationship with people is therefore important to establish bonds that—though stemming from artistic practice—may also transcend by creating collaboration and participation on various levels. Among his geographic references, some areas of the world (and their cultures) such as Armenia and Georgia (Transcaucasia, in general), Mitteleuropa, North American deserts, Jerusalem. His systematic visits to sites of worship (in particular Armenian and Orthodox Christian churches, synagogues, and mosques) are part of his practice, while a particular relationship with the Jewish universe acts as a constant counterpoint to his oeuvre. In 1987 he created in Jerusalem the "Roberto Paci Dalò Klezmer Orchestra" devoted to the presentation of Jewish music with a special emphasis on the Chassidic one and its relationships with the contempory scene.

Roberto Paci Dalò has presented his works in traditional venues (Kunsthalle Vienna, Venice Biennale, Ars Electronica Linz, Opera of Vienna, etc.), as well as in unusual sites: the Adriatic shore, with fifteen kilometers of sound diffusion (Publiphono); the Charterhouse of San Martino, one of the most important Neapolitan baroque churches (L'assedio delle ceneri); a building of industrial archeology at Graz (the rave Trance Bakxai); a former Canadian Masonic lodge (Western Front Vancouver, Local & Long Distance); an opera theater in Rimini, closed in 1943 and reopened for only two nights (De bello Gallico); armored cars from World War II (Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin-Karlshorst, Schwarzes Licht); a Ventennio architecture icon (Palazzo della Civiltà del lavoro Rome-EUR, Metamorfosi); web (creation in 1995 of Radio Lada, one of the first web radios).

Founder and director of the performing arts group and production house Giardini Pensili. Between 2006 and 2016 creator and director of Velvet Factory - space for the arts (Rimini, Italy). His work has won him international admiration from among others, John Cage and Aleksandr Sokurov. Recipient of the Berlin DAAD Fellowship and member of the Internationale Heiner Müller Gesellschaft Berlin, the British Cartographic Society.

Parallel to his music and stage work - he wrote, composed and directed about 40 theatre and music-theatre works presented worldwide - is the creation of a body of innovative film and video works regularly screened in International festivals.

His hörspiele & radioworks are produced by the main European broadcasting corporations. His installations and visual arts projects are presented in Europe and Americas in museums, galleries, site specific, and the public space.

Border breaking collaborations include musicians Kronos Quartet, Alvin Curran, Yasuhiro Morinaga, Tom Cora, Philip Jeck, Mouse on Mars, Llorenç Barber, David Moss, Scanner, Terry Riley, Jon Rose, Amelia Cuni, Werner Durand, Peter Courtemanche, Sacri Cuori; poets and writers Predrag Matvejevic', Levon Zekiyan, Gabriele Frasca, Patrizia Valduga; philosopher Giorgio Agamben; visual artists Robert Adrian X, Maurizio Cattelan, Oreste Zevola, Paolo Rosa; architects Stefano Boeri and 5+1; dramaturg Marold Langer-Philippsen; photographers Guido Guidi, Roberto Masotti; dancers Caterina Sagna, Barbara Martinini, Adriana Borriello; designers Leonardo Sonnoli, Claudio Moderini.

His collaborations with writers & poets are countless. Among the others: Yehuda Amichai, Samih al-Qasim, Lello Voce, Elisa Biagini, Mariangela Gualtieri, Tonino Guerra, Jolanda Insana, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Tiziano Scarpa, Patrizia Valduga, Sara Ventroni, Franco Buffoni.

He has also worked after texts by Walter Benjamin, Ingeborg Bachmann, William Shakespeare, Samuel Beckett, Euripides, Antonio Gramsci, Daniel Varoujan, Giacomo Leopardi, Pier Paolo Pasolini, and especially Heiner Müller and Emily Dickinson.
He directed actors such as: Roberto Latini, Arnoldo Foà, Umberto Orsini, Franco Branciaroli, Silvio Orlando, Roberto Latini, Marcello Sambati, Enzo Moscato, Massimo Popolizio, Sandro Lombardi, Anna Bonaiuto, a.o.

Paci Dalò has been professor at the University of Siena (Italy) teaching Media Dramaturgy and New Media. Other collaborations include: Domus Academy Milan, La Sapienza Rome, University of Bologna, UBC Vancouver, University of Newcastle / CultureLab, Aarhus University (DK). He's actually professor of Interaction Design at the University of San Marino.

Curator of international art projects based on telecommunication systems. Between 1991 and 1998 founder and director of LADA L'Arte dell'Ascolto, the international radio + festival which became a label in 2004. Creator of Radio Lada web art radio in 1995. Between 1999 and 2001 curator of Itaca: the electronic stage of the Teatro di Roma.

Artist-in-residence at the Djerassi Foundation (San Francisco), Ars Electronica FutureLab (Linz), Western Front (Vancouver), STEIM (Amsterdam), The Watermill Center NY, Montévidéo and GMEM (Marseille) and Maison du Spectacle La Bellone (Bruxelles), a.o.

Collaborations with curators include Filiberto Menna, Alanna Heiss, Giuseppe Bertolucci, Lorenzo Mango, Valerio Dehò, Julia Draganovic, Maria Savarese, Achille Bonito Oliva, Marco Pierini, Katerina Gregos, Heidi Grundmann, Monica Bosaro, Gottfried Hattinger, Davide Quadrio, Francesca Girelli, Pietro Gaglianò, Martina Cavallarin.

Recent publications include the record The Maya Effect (L'Arte dell'Ascolto) released with Scanner; the book- edited together with Emanuele Quinz - Millesuoni. Deleuze, Guattari e la musica elettronica (Cronopio 2006, 2008) which includes contributions by DJ Spooky, Guy-Marc Hinant, Achim Szepanski, Christopher Cox, a.o.
The record is Japanese Girls at the Harbor (Concrete Tokyo, 2012) has been created together with Yasuhiro Morinaga.
His record Ye Shanghai has been released by Marsèll in 2014 followed by 1915 The Armenian FIles released again by Marsèll in 2015.
Roberto has been the artistic director of Wikimania2016 Esino Lario (Lake Como, Italy).

Paci Dalò's galleries and museums' work is presented by Galerie Mario Mazzoli Berlin - Modena.
Roberto has been living in Berlin, Rome, Naples, Lake Garda with residencies in Vancouver B.C. and currently lives and works on the Rimini's hills and Tremosine sul Garda.

(January 2020)