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december 6 until february 12 2002,
Kunsthalle Wien / Museumsquartier
Screening of the video about Robert Adrian X in the frame of his major solo exhibition

november 19, Bruxelles (B), Netdays / Les Brigittines
Bruxelles Remix
live cinema

Installation based on sounds by the artists present at the festival
The installation is created t in collaboration with LAB/au and runs November 19-24, 2001

T +32 2 5380975

october 17-november 2, The Western Front, Vancouver (CDN)

Presentation: October 26 at 7 pm (Pacific Time)

october 13, Bologna (I), Riccione TTV-TPO, 18.00
Bologna Remix
live cinema


october 5, Florence (I)
"Mass Media e salute mentale" a symposium curated by the World Psychiatric Association
Report about the trance research

T +39 055 8451542
F +39 055 8451566


august 10, 54. Locarno International Film Festival (CH)
Locarno Remix
live cinema
august 8, 54. Locarno International Film Festival (CH)
CAMERA OBSCURA a video by Roberto Paci Dalò
official selection
august 7, Vesio di Tremosine (Lago di Garda, I)
Solo concert clarinets & electronics
july 22, Stazione di Topolò/Postaja Topolove (I)
Projection of the video COSPIRAZIONI/TOPOLÒ
july 16, Napoli, Feltrinelli Megastore, 21.00 / 9pm
Presentation of the new book by Gabriele Frasca SANTA MIRA
Cronopio Edizioni. With Tommaso Ottonieri, Gabriele Frasca, Andrea Cortellessa, Roberto Paci Dalò
july 6, Reggio Emilia (I)
Gabriele Frasca + Roberto Paci Dalò
an adventure through sound and words
july 5, Rome (I), Le tribù dell'arte, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna
Roma Remix
july 1, ORF Kunstradio, Vienna (A) / RAInet, Roma (I)
23.00-24.00 / 11-12 pm
BLUE STORIES Vienna Remix, on-air / on-line
From the ORF studios in Vienna a live performance involving broadcasting of music and webcasting of images and sounds
june 20, Siracusa (I)
Round table about Mediterranean culture.
Among participants: Predrag Matvejevic' and Roberto Paci Dalò
june 5, Milan, Domus Academy
Workshop on Web Researches

t +39 02 42414001
f +39 02 4222525
june 3, Cesenatico, Colonie Teatrali
Cesenatico Remix

tel +39 0547 675320

june 1, Rimini nord, pianoterra
21.00 / 9pm

performance by Roberto Paci Dalò
Sub Rosa it's a work-in-progress Giardini Pensili - pianoterra info

pianoterra, via Orsoleto 227, Rimini nord (1km exit A14 Rimini nord)
tel/fax +39 0541 622378
tel 0333 4021774
ticket lire 15.000
may 30, Milan, Teatro Franco Parenti, at 20.30
Caterina and Carlotta Sagna (Venezia/Gibellina) will perform the dance piece ESERCIZI SPIRITUALI - with music composed by Roberto Paci Dalò - in the frame of the Teatri 90 festival

may 27, Rimini, Grand Hostel / ex-ostello occupato
via Flaminia 300, Miramare di Rimini
Presentation of video materials relted to the Giardini Pensili's work on trance with Leonardo Montecchi e Roberto Paci Dalò


may 26, Montefiore (Rimini)
16.00 / 4 pm
Book presentation about last year symposium on trance.
with Franco Berardi Bifo, Pietro Cipriani, Leonardo Montecchi, Giampaolo Proni

tel +39 0541 980035 (Luisa Maccaferri / Comune di Montefiore)

21.00 / 9 pm
BLUE STORIES Montefiore Remix
First performance of the Blue Stories project

tel +39 348 2930262

may 25, Montefiore (Rimini)
one week of simposia, perfromances, presentations, conversations

16.00 / 4 pm
Workshop based on TRANCE BAKXAI Rave & Theatre project (1997-2000) for the collective development of XENOS: an open source trance machine.
With Gianni De Giuli, Lucio Gamberini, Federico Montanari, Leonardo Montecchi, Roberto Paci Dalò, Giampaolo Proni, Anke Zimmermann.

tel +39 0541 980035 (Luisa Maccaferri / Comune di Montefiore)
Free Admissio

may 22, RaiSat Show
a film by Roberto Paci Dalò based on METAMORFOSI performance
12.00 and 20.00
april 10, Milan, Domus Academy
Workshop on Web

t +39 02 42414001
f +39 02 4222525
march 17-18, Athens (GR)
HOLODRAM symposium on dance and new technologies
lecture by Roberto Paci Dalò
march 9, Lisboa (P), 14.00
"Super Bock Super Rock Seminars"
Radio - Listening with your ears
lecture by Roberto Paci Dalò
info: Ana Ferrão / Antònio Sérgio
march 6, Lisboa (P), 14.00
Sampler ­ Sounds of the New Millenium
lecture by Roberto Paci Dalò

march 5, Porto (P), 14.00
Sampler ­ Sounds of the New Millenium
lecture by Roberto Paci Dalò

february 16, Rome, Palazzo della civiltà italiana
a piece by Roberto Paci Dalò
with Anna Bonaiuto

december 16, Rimini, Università
Presentation of the book Le officine della dissociazione
about urban trance and the performance Trance Bakxai
november 29, 2000- january 10, 2001
E-MARTS c/o Studio Morra Naples
NAPOLI installation
open daily until January 10, 2001
Studio Morra, via Calabritto 20, Napoli
info: +39 348 3737348
check website for details, pictures, sounds, timetable
november 23-26, Roma, Teatrodromo, via Monte Testaccio 23
SHIR by Roberto Paci Dalò
after the Song of Songs
november 3, Milano, Domus Academy
Roberto Paci Dalò runs a workshop about Net & Art in the frame of the prestigious Domus Academy series
october 20, La Biennale di Venezia, 7th International Architecture Exhibition
Città & Soundscape. Lecture by Roberto Paci Dalò
october 14 Graz, Steirischer Herbst / Musikprotokoll
Rave & Theatre
t + 43 316 470 28227
f +43 316 470 28253
october 8, Rome, Brancaleone
A collaboration between the STALKER architects ensemble and Roberto Paci Dalò. A video and sound environment will be created for one day in one of the independent cultural spaces of the city
Check Stalker website and their participation at the Venice Biennale Architecture
october 5-7, Marseille, La Friche
A 3 days workshop about multimedia and performing arts organised by ONDA and ETI. Among participants from Itals: Studio Azzurro, Roberto Paci Dalò, Teatro delle Briciole
september 25, Paris, Espace Electra
Nuovo Paesaggio Italiano
sound installation
t [39] 0348 2930262
september 28, Rome, Ex-Mattatoio
Presentation of the L'ombelico del mondo TV series. Events and videoprojections

september 17-18, Rimini-Bologna

2 intensive days dedicated to Radio and Net. Curated by SPM RAI (Sviluppo Prodotti Multimediali) in collaboration with Roberto Paci Dalò.
Among local participants: David Moss, Scanner, Sam Auinger, Rupert Huber... plus many other guests
Check the program in the website: Afteradio

september 10, Bologna, Festa dell'Unità, 18.30
Round table about Theatre and Net among Massimo Marino, Roberto Paci Dalò, Fabio Bruschi, Teresa Surianello, Oliviero Ponte Di Pino, Carlo Infante
september 2, Palermo di Scena, 21.00
SIRENE Music-theatre by David Moss & Roberto Paci Dalò. After the Odissey.
Check website with info about this out-of-label project: click here
august 5, Per antiche vie, Montebuono (Rieti), 17.00
SHIR by Roberto Paci Dalò. After the Song of Songs a new theatre work based on the Italian and Hebrew texts. First part of a long term project.

june 21 Rakvere Estonia, Festival Baltoscandal
The performance created in collaboration with Ars Electronica Festival in 1997, is produced now in collaboration with Estonian artists. An event based on the meeting between classical theatre, music and new technologies.
tel +372 6 269090
fax +372 6 269099

june 12 Milano, Posteria, via Sacchi 5/7, 17.00
A sound installation by Roberto Paci Dalò (sound) & Franco Biagioni (space). In the frame of Tratto continuo project.

may 22 Link, Bologna, from 20.00
20 trasmissioni tematiche sulla poesia. By Nanni Balestrini, Paolo Fabbri, Sergio Spina, Lello Voce. Television direction Franza Di Rosa.
"Gli astri". With the participation of: Andrea Zanzotto, Giosetta Fioroni, Isabella Bordoni, Roberto Paci Dalò, Gianmario Villalta.
The recording of the event will be broadcasted in Autumn by RAIUNO (Italian National Television).
Free admission!

april 29 Montefiore (Rimini)
A symposium with Paolo Fabbri, Giampaolo Proni, Isabella Bordoni, Roberto Paci Dalò, Leonardo Montecchi and more. A discussion about sound, trance, ecstasy.

april 14-16 Napoli, Galleria Toledo

april 3 Teatro di Casalecchio (Bologna)

march 17Vicenza, Videopolis

february 18 Napoli, Galassia Gutenberg
WITZLAND a solo by Roberto Paci Dalò and UNO duo with Gabriele Frasca


december 31 Campobasso
TRANCE BAKXAI Rave & Theatre

december 15 Roma, Centro Petralata, 21.30

december 10 Roma, Teatro Argentina, 21.30
ITACA the electronic stage of the Teatro di Roma
Public presentation of the project curated by Roberto Paci Dalò.
Performances, readings, sounds, remixes, webcastings across Europe.

december 3-5 Magliano Sabina (Rieti)
Riflessioni sulla drammaturgia contemporanea. Symposium.
With the participation: Roberto Paci Dalò, Antonio Audino, Cosimi, Gioia Costa, Natalia Di Iorio, Jens Hilije, Teresa Macrì, Thomas Ostermeier, Ugo Pitozzi, Andrea Porcheddu, Tiziano Scarpa, Werner Waas, a.o.
Performance di M+M, Dragana Parlac e Branislav Petric, Myriam La Plant, Travi Rovesce.
Info: +39 06 5070739 , +39 0347 6708856, +39 06 8417046 , +39 0347 7227897

november 4-7 Roma, Teatro Furio Camillo, via Camilla 44
Theatre play by Roberto Paci Dalò. Texts by Isabella Bordoni and Predrag Matvejevic'
tel/fax: [39] 06 78347348

november 3 Roma, Libreria Internazionale, via Tomacelli
STRATEGIE ACUSTICHE DELLA SCENA Relazioni pericolose tra teatro e suono
Conversation among Andrea Porcheddu, Roberto Paci Dalò, Valentina Valentini, Paolo Rosa, Isabella Bordoni

october 30 Roma, Rialto occupato
Trance & Hasidic stuff performed by Roberto Paci Dalò

september 10 Napoli
Performance by Gabriele Frasca and Roberto Paci Dalò

july 18-19Mittelfest, Cividale del Friuli, IL CARTOGRAFO
A theatre project created after Predrag Matvejevic's "Mediterranean" book. A journey across the Adriatic sea meeting people and discovering voices, sounds, faces of the inhabitants of the two coasts. Performed by Isabella Bordoni and Alessandro Culiani.
tel +39 0432 730793
fax +39 0432 701099

july 17 Stazione Topolò / Postaja Topolove
Presentation of Stazione Topolò/Postaja Topolove. Capitolo secondo.
Will participate Stefan Dalovic' (author) and Roberto Paci Dalò or

july 10 Polverigi Inteatro
AFFRESCHI presented in the frame of the Inteatro International Festival
tel + 39 071 9090007
fax + 39 071 906326

july 2XXI Secolo Festival Europeo del Cinema Reggio Calabria
NISHMAT HASHMAL Chasidic Sampling Celebration
info: ++39 0965 22799 / 23419

june 19 Cagliari, Chasid un Klezmer Nakht
New compositions by Roberto Paci Dalò based on traditional Chasidic performed by the author together with Lullo Mosso and Fabrizio Spera

june 4-7 Villach, SPECTRUM Festival, NIGHT WALKS
A special project for the borderland theatre festival

june 5 Cologne, Deutzer Brücke, NAPOLI
Sound Installation

june 4Palermo, Orto botanico, IL PENSIERO MERIDIANO
In the frame of Nuovo Paesaggio Italiano, video and sound installation by Bordoni-Paci Dalò

may 26ESC Graz at 20.00, FUORI LUOGO
Performance and Installation by Isabella Bordoni andn Roberto Paci Dalò ('til 16.06.99)
ESC im labor, Jakoministr. 16, 8010 Graz. Info ESC

may 24Bilbao (Spain)
TERRITORIOS DE CONTAGIO. A workshop about theatre & new technologies run by Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò. Info: Beatriz Silva

may 15Pesaro, Teatro Sperimentale, AFFRESCHI/DUE PORTE PER TEBE
New music theatre production by Roberto Paci Dalò after Sergej Paradjanov and Euripides. Text and live video by Isabella Bordoni. With the participation of Katalin Gyenis, Marcello Sambati a.o. and the off stage of Sandro Lombardi. In the frame of Pesaro Spring Festival 99 curated by the Teatro Rossini. Aproduction Giardini Pensili in collaboration with Comune di Pesaro/AMAT, Comune di Rimini/Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili, Inteatro Polverigi, Ars Electronica Center Linz.

may 5 Urbino University
A conversation among Isabella Bordoni, Paci Dalò, Carlo Infante, Emilio Pozzi about 'theatre and new technologies'

april 11 Padova, Ex-macello, via Cornaro 1/b, IL PENSIERO MERIDIANO
In the frame of Nuovo Paesaggio Italiano, video and sound installation by Bordoni-Paci Dalò.
Information: 39 +2 66804410 (phone/fax)

april 7 Zoom Bologna, CHOROS
A new space for theatre and technologies in Bologna. Afternoon: conversation among Roberto Paci Dalò (director/composer), Giorgio Barberio Corsetti (director/curator Biennale di Venezia), Sandro Pascucci (curator), Antonio Bertoli (curator).
Evening: CHOROS, performance created and performed by Isabella Bordoni

april 1-2 Palermo, SCANNING BACCHAE
After Ars Electronica's presentation in 1997, the Italian premiere of the performance by Isabella Bordoni. The piece involves the use of the interactive image/sound softwares developed at the STEIM Foundation Amsterdam by Tom Demeyer

march 11 ('til march 30) Roma, 'Ripetuti congedi' Opera Paese, APPUNTI PER AFFRESCHI
In the frame of the exhibtion 'Ripetuti congedi' curated by Giovanna Giuliani and hosted by art space Opera paese Roberto Paci Dalò presents his sound installation APPUNTI PER AFFRESCHI based on the next theatre production

Authors: Stefan Schemat, Hilmar Schmundt, Michael Joyce, Isabella Bordoni, Dominica Freier
Collaborators: Hiroki Maekawa, Martin Potthoff, Hiroki Maekawa, Georg v. Kieseritzky, Ole Müggenburg

Friday 26.02.99 19.00 h Lecture, Osmotic Minds, Podewil, Klosterstr. 68-70, 10179 Berlin, Germany.
Saturday 27.02.99 15.00 h Osmotic Minds: World Premiere of 3D Augmented Reality Fiction, Subwaystation Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin Mitte

A mobile third ear and mental world following the footsteps of Alfred Doeblin in the vicinity of Rosenthaler and Alexanderplatz, Osmotic Minds is an attempt to give voice to the city by means headphones, minicomputers and GPS satellite locations in which the public goes on an investigative journey through the Rosenthaler suburb and history.
Osmotic Minds is the premiere of a completely new form of the "Augmented Reality" (AR). It is a sound world through which the ear witnesses move not by mouse-click but on foot.

february 6 Berlin Volksbhüne am Rosa Luxenburg Platz, Mille Plateaus Festival
by and performed by Isabella Bordoni and Rupert Huber (60')

january 12, 23.30-24.00 SFB Sender Freies Berlin
FUORI LUOGO. Broadcasting of the radiowork performed live in Berlin for the Prix Europa 98 Gala. Broadcasting in the frame of the SFB's Internationale Digitale Radiokunst in radiokultur



december 19 Cagliari, Teatro d'inverno
Gabriele Frasca & Roberto Paci Dalò in performance. Once more a jam involving Frasca's recent texts and Paci Dalò's music

december 18 Napoli
Gabriele Frasca, Isabella Bordoni, Roberto Paci Dalò present in performance last Frasca's book: TELE published by Cronopio Edizioni

december 10-12 Vienna
ARIA.NET gathers in Vienna hosted by ORF. Are scheduled broadcastings through the European network (Barcelona, Lisboa, Rimini, Marseille, Vienna)

december 2 Milano, Spazio Consolo, NUOVO PAESAGGIO ITALIANO
Second step for the exhibition "Nuovo Paesaggio Italiano" curated by Maria Grazia Torri. In the frame of the exhibit an installation by Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò

november 20 Siena, FUORI LUOGO
A performance by Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò in the frame of the Sound Poetry festival. For information: David Toschi

november 12-15 Amsterdam, Theater Instituut Nederland, NewOp7
Roberto Paci Dalò will report - presenting excerpts from videos and audio cds - about his activity in theatre and music world invited in the frame of the "NewOp7, an international meeting on small and middle scale opera and music theatre". For information:

november 7 - 8 Rimini, LADA98 L'Arte dell'Ascolto
Med Media & Radio Festival, 8th Edition: "Ascoltare il Mediterraneo".
This year festival is focused on Predrag Matvejevic' texts. 2 days non-stop performances webcasting, concerts, lectures, events. AS NEVER SEEN ON TV!
In the frame of the festival will be officially presented ARIA, the new European network of radios and net radios

october 17, Berlin, SFB Funkhaus, FUORI LUOGO
In the frame of the radio & TV European gala, Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò will perform a new piece commissioned by SFB Sender Freies Berlin. Are also part of the program David Moss, Shelley Hirsch, Chris Cutler

october 10 Parma, Teatro Stabile, NISHMAT HASHMAL
Premiere of the piece which connects Hasidic tradition with club culture. In the frame of the Teatro Festival dedicated to Jewish cultures. Live interactive video set through STEIM's Amsterdam softwares

september 7 - 12, Linz, Ars Electronica Festival and Linz European Month of Culture, ATLAS LINZ and ATLANTI INVISIBILI
The ATLAS LINZ web site has been fully developed with several audio files collected in Linz. A Soundscape Net Site dedicated to the city. Concurrent with this, ATLANTI INVISIBILI: a ORF Kunstradio production, has been created.
<Click here for 11 minutes of RealAudio excerpt

a collaboration between Salvo Cuccia, Enrico Frattaroli, Roberto Paci Dalò in a new performance involving the use of live video and computer controlled sound environment.
The piece is based on texts by Italian writer Antonio Pizzuto.
The piece is presented in the magnificent Chiesa dello Spasimo in the Kalsa district

august 20 Fermignano, NAPOLI
Sound and light installation included in the itinerant show curated by Maria Grazia Torri: "Nuovo paesaggio italiano". Artists invited include Vincenzo Castella and Olivo Barbieri

july 30-31, Bertinoro, Crisalide, ENIGMA
"Azioni sceniche e ambienti acustici da Euripide". An environmental theatrical event using the facilities of a fascist building and its courtyard. A unique event created for Crisalide Festival.

july 25, Ancona, NISHMAT HASHMAL
at the Ancona Klezmer Festival

july 21, Verucchio (Rimini), NISHMAT HASHMAL
at the Verucchio Festival

july 14-19, STASIMI Inteatro, Polverigi
A first step into the project based on the Bacchae by Euripides. The theatre-music piece will be premiered in December 1998.
An innovative relationship between analog and digital technologies. An investigation in languages. A weird combination of computer culture and Greek tragedy.
Get Antonio Audino's comment about the piece (published in Il Sole 24 Ore, July 19, 1998)

july 11, Bregenz, NAPOLI
Sound and light installation at the Bregenz Summer Kunstradio Project. Open until August 30. Info:

july 4, Biella, CHORÒS, 22.30
Presentation of the performance CHOROS by Isabella Bordoni in the frame of "L'arte al centro. In Biella, un simposio internazionale". CHOROS will be staged involving a 8-channel sound environment and live video mix.
The AFP (Associazione Fondazione Pistoletto) organises a 3 days cultural project (July 3-4-5) in the archelogical industrial area in via Serralunga 27.
During the symposium interventions by curators, museum directors and performances by Stalker Teatro, Akademia Ruchu, and Giardini Pensili. Among the many participants: Michelangelo Pistoletto, Ida Giannelli (director Castello di Rivoli), Bruno Corà (Director Museo Pecci Prato), Alanna Heiss and Giovanna Baciocco (PS1 Museum New York), Jean-Baptiste Joly (Director Schloss Solitude Stuttgart).

july 2, Stazione Topolò
The Stazione Topolò 98 project will open on July 2nd. Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò will be there that night of course! How can we miss one of the best art project you can have?

june 21, Misano Adriatico (Rimini) ECHOPOLIS
Multi-channel sound installation in a public square of Misano Adriatico (Rimini). In the frame of the project Ecopolis. Opening at 6 pm

june 20 - 21 Milano, Teatro dell'Arte CRT, 21.00
SOPHON SOPHIA "azioni sceniche e ambienti acustici per stasimi da le Baccanti di Euripide".
A special project for Milan involving video and sound digital technologies. A performance in between internal and external spaces at the Teatro dell'Arte with the participation of actors, musicians, dancers. Throught the night participants include Giovanna Marini and Rebecca Murgi presenting their own works.

june 18 Vienna, ORF Funkhaus
A live performance and broadcasting on 01 by Isabella Bordoni, Andrea Sodomka, Margareth Jarman

june , London, Resonance FM
In June-July 1998 London Musicians Collective is staging Resonance FM - a 28 day, London-wide arts radio station as part of the South Bank Centre's John Peel- curated Meltdown Festival. In the frame of the project will be presented Roberto Paci Dalò's NAPOLI and LA LUNGA NOTTE.

june 12, 7pm Caracas, Venezuela, Goethe Institut, TO HEAR is TO SEE
TO HEAR is TO SEE is a work of sound exhibition from internationally known artists in the Venzuelan broadcasting area, it simultaneously exhibits a photographic association to these works of sound. From the 27-hours broadcast-material, four-hour selections will be transmitted from different broadcasting stations.
Among the artists: Robert Adrian X. + Rupert Huber, Sam Auinger, Isabella Bordoni + Roberto Paci Dalò, Sylvia Eckerman + Mathias Fuchs, RBW21 (Fritz Fro + Gue Schmidt), Helmut Mark, Norbert Math, Andrea Sodomka + Martin Breindl.

may 23 Torino, Salone del libro
Roberto Paci Dalò and writer Tiziano Scarpa in a shocking collaboration. A veritable jam between Paci Daò's electronics and Scarpa's texts. Organised by Radio Popolare Milano.

may 21 Montegranaro (AP)
Roberto Paci Dalò presents his work on Jewish music and culture

may 10 DISMA Musicshow, Rimini Trade Fair
Roberto Paci Dalò presents NISHMAT HASHMAL his newest project based on innnovative use of electronics and sampling. A meeting between Jewish Chasidic sounds, trip hop, electronica, drum'n'bass

april 28 Treviso, Labirinto secondo noi
In the frame of the festival a live performance by Roberto Paci Dalò based on digital and analog sounds.
Info at the phone +39 347 6887163

april 25 Bologna, Livello 57
TRANCE BAKXAI once more! At the centro sociale Livello 57 the presentation of the cult rave & theatre project. With the participation among the others of: Pro.forma, Salvo Cuccia, Roberto Paci Dalò, Isabella Bordoni, Fabiano Fantini, Luigi Mosso, and more. At 8.30 pm conversation with Franco Berardi (Bifo), Pierfrancesco Pacoda, Leonardo Montecchi, R. Paci Dalò. From midnight 'til 05.00 the performance and dance floor. Don't miss it.

april 17-18 Rimini, Round 98
A selection of Giardini Pensili's videos will be screened in the frame of the independent film and video festival

april 5 Udine, Centro Servizi e Spettacoli
ETERE. New radio trance by Bordoni + Paci Dalò with the participation of Fabiano Fantini and Rita Maffei. In the frame of INTERZONA
Conversation with Leonardo Montecchi, Georges Lapassade, Roberto Paci Dalò, Carlo Infante

march 26,27,28 Gent, Belgium
Caterina Sagna's new coreography. Music written and performed live by Roberto Paci Dalò

february 28 Rimini, Mathilda
DIGITAL RHAPSODY. An electronic night inhabitated by Roberto Paci Dalò's live drum'n'bass & trip hop and DJs Franco Fattori & Matteo Bosi

february 26-27-28 Rimini, Teatro Novelli, 16.30
THEATRVM. The second edition of the project about contemporary dramaturgy this year dedicated to Heiner Müler. After the project in the frame of LADA 97 L'Arte dell'Ascolto, a further step in the investigation about Müller's work and its relationship with German society. With the participation of Peter Kammerer, Isabella Bordoni, Graziella Galvani, Valentina Valentini. Will be shown the video J'etais Hamlet by Dominik Barbier

february 19-20-21 Torino, Teatro Juvarra, Metrodora
Metrodora project in 3 days:
19th, together with critic & theoretician Carlo Infante a journey throughout Giardini Pensili's web site.
20th, Metrodora: the theatre performance
21st, the one day workshop about theatre and digital world

february 21 Rimini, Palazzo del turismo, ore 16
Algeria: possiamo fermare i massacri? With Luciano Ardesi.

february 14 Rimini, cineteca comunale, ore 16
Comune di Rimini in collaboration with Hammada and Giardini Pensili: Viaggio tra le genti del deserto, Saharawi. With: Piero Leoni, Roberto Paci Dalò, Giorgio Giovagnoli, Stefano Vaccari, Khandud Hamdi, Salem Hamada, Massimo Foschi

february 7-8 Genova, Aula magna Facoltà di medicina e chirurgia
Leonardo Montecchi will lecture about his research -in conjunction with Giardini Pensili - on urban trance at the INTERNET & MENTAL HEALTH Congress.



december 31 Milano, Centro Sociale Leoncavallo, 23.00 - 06.00, TRANCE BAKXAI
Wow! New Year's Eve really special this year... The cult piece TRANCE BAKXAI (rave&theatre) will be performed at the Leoncavallo, the most important Italian centro sociale. Something like 7,000 people are expected. How can you miss it? The night will feature folks like Sam Auinger, Isabella Bordoni, Rupert Huber, Roberto Paci Dalò, Hannes Strobl, and - of course - the mistery figure Dr.Witz. An event made out of trip-hop, drum'n'bass, spoken words in Italian and Greek, and last but not least: Hasidic hot stuff for samplers and wild clarinets. Meshiakh vet Kumen!

december 15 Scandicci, Teatro Studio, 21.00
In the frame of the season curated by Giancarlo Cauteruccio / Krytpon Theatre, a lecture-performance by Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò about theatre and digital world. With video and sound examples.

december 11 and 12 Roma, City Underground
A special theatre event by Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò involving the tube sound and light systems. A meditation on myth in the urban underground landscape. A text resounding in the space of darkness. Check the time too: on december 11 at 17.00 and on december 12 between 7 and 9.30 a.m.!

december 9 Napoli, Teatro Mercadante, METRODORA
After the presentation at the Münchner Kammerspiele, Metrodora comes to Napoli hosted by the historical Napoli theatre house.

december 4 - 6 Vienna, ORF Funkhaus. Recycling the Future
3 days of lectures/performances, broadcastings, installations, and net-activities.

november 30 Porto, Portugal, Auditorio Balleteatro, METAMORFOSI DEL SENTIRE
A symposium curated by the art critic Teresa Macrì with the participation of: Mario Perniola, Massimo Ilardi, Roberto Paci Dalò, Bragança de Miranda, Vicente Todolì, Teresa Macrì. Info fax: 00351 2 5508919.

november 22 Reggio Emilia, Chiostri San Domenico, SILENZIO sei meditazioni oltre il rumore

At 17.30 presentation of the catalogue of the Silenzio exhibition and performances by Roberto Paci Dalò and Daniele Lombardi.

november 3 - 9 Rimini, LADA 97 L'Arte dell'Ascolto.
The 7th International Radio + Media Festival presenting such artists as ZE Zezi, Sam Auinger, Rupert Huber, Norbert Math, Rachel de Boer a.o.
Sections dedicated to Heiner Müller and Heiner Goebbels's radio plays. Lots of hours live from Rimini on national broadcasting houses: RAI and ORF. RealAudio live on the Internet. Recycling the Future, chapter 3. And more...

november 1 Radio Popolare Milano.
On-air program by Bruna Miorelli with presentation of the CD Many Many Voices by Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò featuring David Moss, Jean-Marc Montera, Horst Hörtner, Anna Clementi and the authors.

octobre 25 Rimini, LADA 97 L'Arte dell'Ascolto.
First event of the festival: the Italian premiere of the music theatre piece Schwarz auf Weiss by Heiner Goebbels.

october 21 - 22 Munich, SPIEL.ART Festival. METRODORA. Presentation of the music theatre work which is already becoming a reference in contemporary performing arts dealing with sound.

october 18Reggio Emilia, Chiostri San Domenico, SILENZIO sei meditazioni oltre il rumore
An exhibition curated by Valerio Dehò with the participation of the following artists: Roberto Paci Dalò, Marco Giovani, Elisabeth Holzl, Golba Hussein, Ottomar Kiefer, Daniele Lombardi presenting installations involving sound and light.
Open until november 30th. On november 22nd at 17.30 presentation of the catalogie and performances by Roberto Paci Dalò and Daniele Lombardi.

september 8 - 13 Linz, Ars Electronica Festival.
ARCHITETTURA DELLA SEPARAZIONE: Interactive Sound and Video Installation.
SCANNING BACCHAE: the first section of the new digital theatre work.

august 12 - 15 La Spezia. RPDKO special klezmer project.

august 10 Udine. Centro Servizi Spettacoli TRANCE BAKXAI

august 2 Urbino. RPDKO

july 26 Kassel, Documenta. RADIO LADA & Kunstradio at the Documenta's "100 Tage - 100 Gäste" project.

july 21 - 27 Arles, Phonurgia Nova. Université d'eté de la radiophonie: atelier radio and internet by Isabella Bordoni and Roberto Paci Dalò.

july 20 Ancona, Festival Klezmer. The long night of Hassid. Featuring Myriam Meghnagi and Roberto Paci Dalò.

july 13 Topolò (Udine) and RAI Radiotre Audiobox / Radio Onde Furlane (23.00 CET), POSTAJA TOPOLOVE. Installation on-site and on-air.

july 12 Lumezzanez (BS). Treatro 2 TRANCE BAKXAI

july 11 Civita Castellana, RPDKO.

july 5 Torino. Pellerossa Festival. TRANCE BAKXAI

june 23 Ljubljana. MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT. Performance in the festival promoted by Radio Slovenja.

june 21 Verona. Interzona. TRANCE BAKXAI

june 17-18 Castiglioncello. In the frame of the project promoted by Atelier della Costa Ovest, Fabbrica Europa, and Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, a 2 days meeting between international artists.

june 3, Berlin Berliner Theorie
Diskussion: Musik und Internet. Participants include: Sam Auinger, Rupert Huber, Folkmar Hein, Götz Naleppa, Sabine Sanio, Roberto Paci Dalò, Golo Föllmer, Gisela Nauck a.o.

may 31, Bologna, Arena del Sole Internet e Teatro
The international workshop organized by the Centro della Comunicazione in Internet della Convenzione Teatrale Europea. The symposium on May 31: Carlo Infante and Roberto Paci Dalò lecturing about theatre and the net.

may 27, Berlin METRODORA
An introduction to digital theatre. Featuring Isabella Bordoni and Rupert Huber

may 24, Riccione
Shocking! Rave & Theatre for the People!

may 17, Rimini, Hammada
Presentation of the newest Saharawi People solidarity association.
With Fabrizia Ramondino, Mario Martone, Patrizio Esposito, Xeno and more

may 15, Roma, Gamberetti Editrice Evenings
Round table at Bibli Bookshop: Patrizio Esposito, Stefano Ricci, Tano D'Amico, Roberto Paci Dalò

may 10, Rimini, Theatrvm
The symposium about theatre and today's dramaturgy. Featuring Claudio Meldolesi, Rita Maffei.

may 7, Gabriele Frasca and Roberto Paci Dalò perform live in Napoli their La scimmia di Dio collaboration. Hot words for hot sounds.

april 12 Rimini, Theatrvm
With the participation of: Rita Maffei (Udine), Rosita Copioli (Rimini), Silvio Castiglioni (Santarcangelo), Roberto Paci Dalò (Rimini), Word (Rimini).

march 22 Rimini, Wadada via Bertola 52, Theatrvm
The first of a series of conversations about theatre in today society. The project is based on texts by philosopher Giorgio Agamben. With the participation of: Federica Maestri (Parma), Marcello Sambati (Rome), Fabrizio Crisafulli (Rome), Fabio Tolledi (Lecce), Carla Petrachi (Lecce), Roberto Paci Dalò (Rimini).



19 december Lecce, Sala Astragali, 21.00, CONCERT a musical meeting between sampling & traditional trance drums.

18 december Lecce, Teatro Antoniano, 21.00, METRODORA - FRAMMENTO theatre piece with the special participation of Rupert Huber (sampler)

29 - 30 november, Venezia 'Opera Totale 2', MY LANGUAGE IS MY HEIMAT Lecture / Performance by Isabella Bordoni, Tullio Brunone, Roberto Paci Dalò.
In the frame of the symposium will perform also: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker and Laurie Anderson.

31 october - 3 november, Rimini LADA_96 L'Arte dell'Ascolto VI Edition

3 october Rimini, Studio Giardini Pensili, LA VEDUTA DI DELFT lecture/performance by Francois Kahn based on texts by Jan Vermeer and Marcel Proust

28 september Cagliari, METRODORA

27 september Cagliari, TERRA DI NESSUNO

10 - 15 september Tuscania Festival, LABORATORIO METRODORA: SCOLPIRE IL TEMPO

12 september Lecce LA NOTTE DEI POETI, Lost Memories-frammento, Centro Teatrale Astragali

5 september Linz Ars Electronica, RIVERS & BRIDGES
a total world-wide live art project. A development of Horizontal Radio. An investigation on the streams of water and communication.

2 - 7 september Linz Ars Electronica, NAPOLI: a portrait of the city of Napoli. Sound and light installation. The CD was published by L'Alfabeto Urbano / Giardini Pensili. Official selection Prix Italia 1994.

21 august, Palermo, IN SOSPENSIONE, installation in cooperation with Salvo Cuccia and Gianni Gebbia.
In the heart of the old city (Kalsa) a sound and light large scale installation related to telephone sounds.

10 august, RAI Radiotre Audiobox 23.00, broadcasting of Shpil. Information +39 6 368645989.

27 july Arles Phonurgia Nova, SHPIL World-Wide Radio Journey
a performance in live interactive connection between Arles, Jerusalem, Cologne, Milan, Rome, San Marino, and other locations. Presented simultaneously in Theatre, Radio, Internet...

The oldest Italian Jewish music band, live in a festival dedicated to Klezmer Renaissance.

29 may - 2 june Gardone V.T. (Brescia), METRODORA the workshop.
Round table with Cesare Lievi, Umberto Artioli, Mauro Carbone, Isabella Bordoni, Roberto Paci Dalò

25 may Riccione TTVV festival, METRODORA : the performance
with video by Tullio Brunone.
On stage: Isabella Bordoni, Silvia Benvenuti. Premiere

30 april - 5 may Bologna METRODORA, in collaboration with La Soffitta / DAMS
(Department of Art, Music and Performing Arts of the Bologna University).
METRODORA is dedicated to Demetrio Stratos.
30 april - 1 may, 21.00, TERRA DI NESSUNO theatre play
1 may, 15.00, LINGUA FRANCA conversation with the participation of: Cesare Lievi, Claudio Meldolesi, Roberto Paci Dalò, Isabella Bordoni, Cristina Piccino, Oreste Zevola, opening on the Internet of Due sequenze the on-line project by Silvia Lelli & Roberto Masotti
2-5 may, METRODORA the workshop (public presentation on the 5th)

30 march RAI Radiotre, 23.00, TERRAE MOTVS
Five years after the presentation of the theatre play, a completely new radio
production based on the original text by Isabella Bordoni. A piece dedicated to
the 'Madonna del parto' by Piero della Francesca.
With the participation - from the Studio B in via Asiago Rome - of: Silvia Benvenuti,
Roberto Lucanero, Isabella Bordoni, Roberto Paci Dalò.

7 march Berlin SFB Funkhaus, OZ
(info: SFB Hörspiel Abteilung, phone + 49 30 30313430)
at 21.00, broadcasting on SFB3 of Many Many Voices.

12 february 18.00, Milano, Open Space via Marconi 2, Interscambio
Conversation with Marco De Dominicis, Roberto Paci Dalò, Marcello Lorrai.